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A Fabulous Pair of Vintage Buckle Riding Boots
A very stylish pair of brown leather riding boots that have laces and buckles.

These would be perfect as a prop in your home or business

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A Large 1930's Statue of an African Man
A truly striking green hard stone bust of a African man. The African artists with more highly advanced skills seem to gravitate to depicting people. Carvers from the southern African Shona, Xhosa and Ndebele tribes, residing mainly in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Botswana create very attractive busts and full body carvings in Verdite, Serpentine, Rapoko and Africa stone.

This older Shona man is carved from a piece of very dark green and black serpentine.


54cm High

32cm Depth
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A Vintage set of Suitcases / Luggage
A set of vintage suitcases with original flight stickers.
Recently been used as a prop in a Jack Wills store.
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A Vintage set of Trunks and luggage
A vintage set of luggage comprising of the two suitcases and two quality trunks.
These were recently used as props in a Jack Wills store.

measurements from top to bottom

1 66cm l x 37cm d x25cm h

2 68cm x 47cm x 19cm

3 92cm w x 52cm d x 30cm

4 87cm x 44cm x 51cm
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Antique Antelope head on Oak Shield-Shaped Plaque

24cm wide

48cm high

23cm depth

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A Vintage Croquet Set Circa 1930
A delightful croquet set which consists of

4 mallets

6 hoops

4 balls

1 colour post
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A Pair of Vintage Riding Boots
A lovely old pair of vintage riding boots.

*Perfect as a prop in your home or business.
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Vintage Leather Bound Suit cases/ Travel Luggage
A Designer display of various sized vintage leather bound suitcases and hat box which previously have been displayed as props in a Jack Wills retail shop.

Free delivery within 5 miles of Horsham. For anywhere further please call for a delivery quote. Alternatively you can collect in person from my workshop
Ref: 2010
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Antique Specimen Coins 1937
An Exceptional ‘complete’ set of 1937 Proof Specimen Coins, George VI Coronation

*-Presented in its original maroon presentation box
-Includes a Silver Maundy set

Maundy Thursday is familiar to many as the Thursday before Easter, but for The Royal Mint, the day has an added significance. Continuing a 700-year-old tradition, The Royal Mint strikes Maundy Money coins for the monarch to present in an annual pre-Easter ceremony known as the Royal Maundy.

Distribution of these sets originally began in July 1937 and continued until the early autumn of 1938. Coins were struck in the medal department and records indicate the great care that was taken to produce pieces to the highest standards, between highly polished dies.

*Free Mainland U.K.Delivery
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A Vintage set of Travel Luggage
A Decorative Selection of Vintage cases of various sizes... formally a prop from a Jack Wills shop.
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